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Current Institutions, Organizations, and Membership Affiliations 

The Kentucky Center Governor's School for the Arts - Faculty Member, Voice 

Member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS)


Looking for a voice instructor in the Lake Cumberland area? I offer private voice instruction in downtown Somerset, KY. I am also available for virutal lessons with low-latency capability via FarPlay. 


Here's an idea of how I work: 


Depending on what you need, I offer 30 or 60 minute lessons scheduled weekly. I do at least 15 minutes of focused vocal warm ups and technical exercises followed by song work. I focus on technique (breath, vowels, alignment, and how things feel) and interpretation. I don't like to rush; I strive for patience + intention over "perfectionism." I like to keep it fun, too! Finding joy in the process is essential to success. Wanna know more about my musical background and teaching philosophy? You can learn more here.

You can read about my studio policies here. Rates are subject to change. For most current rates, reach out to me.


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